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about raster-noton

“raster-noton . archiv für ton und nichtton” is meant to be a platform — a network covering the overlapping border areas of pop, art and science. emerged from the fusion of the two labels rastermusic and noton (in 1999) they realize music projects, publications and installation works. common idea behind all releases is an experimental approach — an amalgamation of sound, art and design. so far the catalogue of the label consists of about 70 releases. most of the projects follow the concept of a series with contributions by very different artists such as, william basinski, alva noto, ivan pavlov aka coh, ryoji ikeda, ryuichi sakamoto or carl michael von hausswolff. olaf bender and carsten nicolai run raster-noton. the label is based in chemnitz / germany. the wire, issue 238, december 2003:

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