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ivan pavlov aka COH was born in russia. he was trained as an acoustic engineer when serving in the russian navy. today he lives in sweden working as a freelance programmer. his cultural roots are in his country of birth feeling closer ties to russian avantgarde than to western music tradition. his early as well as current works were released on raster-noton. ivan pavlov runs his own label wavetrap.

COH is one of the core members of raster-noton artist collective.


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releases from COH

ltd002 20' to 2000 (12 x compact disc, ep (20 min))

r-n091 COH PLAYS COSEY (compact disc)

r-n091-4 COH PLAYS COSEY (japanese edition) (compact disc)

cdr056 archiv 1 (compact disc)

cdr015 enter tinnitus (compact disc)

ltd008 frequencies [Hz] (compact disc)

wav002 iron (compact disc)

vyr026 mask of birth (12" vinyl)

cat003 oacis (book + cd)

r-n071 patherns (compact disc, ep (21 min))

r-n085 strings (2 x compact disc)

cdr029 vox tinnitus (compact disc)