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NHK - kouhei matsunaga + toshio munehiro

kouhei matsunaga grew up in osaka, japan. he studied architectue and was listening to hardcore techno and rap music. he started to make music back in 1992 focusing on rather experimental music. kouhei also worked with artists like merzbow, john watermann, asmus tietchens, rudolf eb.er, anla courtis, greg davis, conrad schnitzler, lesser, sean booth (autechre), mika vainio, max turner, pm (puppetmastaz) and sensational (ex jungle brothers).

for his project NHK he collaborates with toshio munehiro.

image 1: NHK - kouhei matsunaga + toshio munehiro

releases from NHK - kouhei matsunaga + toshio munehiro

r-n111 NHK - unununium (12" vinyl)