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cyclo is a project by leading electronic composers/artists from germany and japan, carsten nicolai and ryoji ikeda, concentrating on visualisation of sound, seeking a new hybrid of visual art and music. the project started in 1999 and is still ongoing with live performances and releases by the artists. after the first cyclo release r-n041 in 2001 there is the new album CYCLO. ID r-n127 coming in early 2011 that will later be followed by a publication with an extensive presentation of thier visuals.

image 1: cyclo

releases from cyclo

cdr056 archiv 1 (compact disc)

cdr041 cyclo (compact disc)

ltd008 frequencies [Hz] (compact disc)

r-n127 id (compact disc)

r-n127-2 id (EP) (12" vinyl maxi)

ext001 baseliner 128 sec (poster)

r-n127-3 id (book) (book + cd)