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herve boghossian

guitarist and electronic musician

born in marseille (france) in 1973, lives there again today.

H.B began to work solo late 2000 on guitar & computer. He released in sept
2001 a cd-r audio-video "i@s" with german video director Thomas Einfeldt,
which was his first electronic composition . It was the #0 of his own music
label LIST which soon released albums (cd) from Sogar (ger), Mou, Lips! (it), H.B "rvb" & Gunter Muller & Steinbruchel duo (ch). The label also released 2 compilations with exclusive tracks from international artists like Taylor Deupree, Richard Chartier, Alan Licht,
Charles Curtis, Otomo Yoshihide, Werner Dafeldecker & Martin Siewert,
Mitchell Akiyama, Colleen... "rvb" ( june 2003) including guitar feedback,
sine-tones, piano (performed by David Grubbs), bass clarinets (performed by
Matthieu Saladin & Ivan Solano) & computer process . Soon after the release
of "rvb", H.B began to work on his album "Mouvements" based on guitar
processed by computer . The album was released on german label
Raster-Noton in june 2004 . Late 2004, H.B created the trio project "PLATEFORMES" with Matthieu Saladin on amplified bass clarinet & Stéphane Rives on soprano saxophone and him on guitar feedback . The album was released in march 2006 by canadian label
1.8(sec)records. In parallel, he began to work on composition series project Archi.Texture, the first volume featuring John Tilbury (AMM) on piano & Mark Wastell on cello, H.B was in charge of the composition & computer process. The album was release in August 2006 on
brand new english label Cathnor. 2 volumes are to follow with contributions from Burkhard Beins, Stéphane Rives, Bertrand Denzler .... He currently works on the follow-up to "Mouvements".



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releases from herve boghossian

cdr059 mouvements (compact disc)