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mitchell akiyama

Montreal based composer/sound/video/visual artist Mitchell Akiyama has been watching the boundaries between the disciplines in which he works slowly erode. A graduate of an interdisciplinary arts program and a classically trained musician, Akiyama’s work has become an increasing conflation of sound and visual elements.

Akiyama’s music takes, as a point of departure, compositions using traditional instruments (primarily piano, guitar and strings) and digitally deconstructs them to reveal the textures and ruptures that are hidden, but always whispering. His first album, ‘Hope that lines don’t cross’ was released on Alien8 recordings’ sublabel Substractif in 2001. The following year saw the release of his second solo work – Temporary Music – on the highly regarded German label, Raster-Noton. As well, 2002 also marked the beginning of his collaboration with Cincinnati based musician Joshua Treble. Their two albums, ‘Climate Variations’ and the recently released ‘iambrokenandremadeiambroken…’ have both received enormous critical acclaim. Akiyama has performed and shown his work extensively in Canada, The USA, Europe, Australia and Japan. Projects for the future include several collaborations, a longer form sound/video work and a new album of compositions on Belgian label Sub Rosa.

As well, Akiyama has had an active career in video, design and multimedia. His concerts are often accompanied by video projections of fragments – fractured landscapes, distorted crowds, disportraits. His videos have been shown at Montreal’s FCMM festival and Toronto’s Images, amongst others.


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releases from mitchell akiyama

cdr056 archiv 1 (compact disc)

r-n 046 temporary music (compact disc)