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Donnacha Costello lives and works in Dublin, Ireland and has had an interest in sound since he started playing piano and toy keyboards in 1981. He began composing in 1989 turning to electronic music production in 1994. He has been releasing music since 1996 and has to date released three albums, two for force-inc/mille plateaux and one for raster-noton. He has also released over a dozen 12" records on labels including trapez, d1 recordings and his own 'minimise' label. He has also performed many remixes and has appeared on numerous compilations [most recently on Kompakt's 'pop ambient 2004'].

A true musical chameleon, Costello is known as many things to many people: an ambient composer, a techno producer, a guitar player, an experimental musician. He has received constant critical acclaim from the media and has been name-checked by many prominent musicians including Johnny Marr [ex-smiths] and Richie Hawtin to name just two. He also composes music for film and lectures at university.

Having studied philosophy, with a particular interest in aesthetics, and having later studied media technologies, it is no surprised that his creativity also finds expression in the visual arts and he has developed several visual projects for gallery installations.

In 2004, Costello is focusing his attention in three main areas, techno production for his 'colorseries' on his own minimise label, experimental music production for raster-noton and creating new ambient music. Collaborations are also planned.

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cdr058 isol (compact disc)