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Being a former jazz saxophonist jon ekeskov aka pixel has a slightly different approach to electronica.

Unconventional for modern electronic music, he studied at the conservatory with saxophone as his main instrument. With this, and later studies of konnakol (an ancient south indian rhythm system) he intends to bring "swing" and complex polyrhythmic structures to tightly quantized music.

Together with sensitive lyrical melodies that melt into each other and sometimes even melodic improvisation, he tries to expand the ears of the listener without them noticing.

The music of pixel is based on both an intellectual side, but also responds to the listener in a more bodily fashion.


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releases from pixel

cdr056 archiv 1 (compact disc)

cdr057 display (compact disc)

r-n139 mantle (compact disc)

r-n074 set your center between your parts in order to (compact disc)

r-n106 the drive (compact disc)