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pomassl is executor of the seminal »trail error« (1996) album, one of the first records to really explore very low and very high tones as well as pioneering potentials of digital errors in terms of electronic music, a record which has inspired many fellow analog and digital artists, released on the laton label which he co-founded in the early 1990ies. beside with the »skeleton« vinyl series he released a number of cutting-edge minimal techno records, starting from 1997 on viennese sabotage/craft label.

nov 14th 2007 pomassl is releasing »spare parts« on raster-noton. pomassl’s long awaited new album and the latest example of his interest in deconstructing musical structure and testing the limits of hearing.

image 1: pomasslimage 2: pomassl

releases from pomassl

r-n100 document #1 raster-noton japan tour 2007 (book + cd)

ltd008 frequencies [Hz] (compact disc)

r-n088 spare parts (compact disc)