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jens massel aka senking was born in colgne in 1969 and lives there again today.

1995: starting with electronic music

1996: senking first released on cologne label karaoke kalk as kandis. at beginning there were only a few senking tracks on kandis records. later, starting 1997, senking became an individual project as more and more tracks with this kind of sound were created.

jens massel played keybord in the band genf (guitar, bass, drums and sample/synthesizer).

1999: first contact with raster-noton, his first release on the label was sixtth (june) cd of 20 to 2000 series

2000: jens massel started a new project called fumble

besides the above mentioned projects there is the current project poto&cabengo

jens massel also composed for schauspielhaus hannover and inteata cologne.

image 1: senkingimage 2: senking

releases from senking

ltd002 20' to 2000 (12 x compact disc, ep (20 min))

cdr056 archiv 1 (compact disc)

r-n152 capsize recovery (compact disc)

r-n142 dazed (12" vinyl maxi)

142-2 dazed + tweek bundle (2 x 12" vinyl)

cdr047 forge (compact disc)

ltd008 frequencies [Hz] (compact disc)

r-n077 list (compact disc)

r-n122 pong (cd audio + cd data)

cdr053 tap (compact disc)

cdr035 trial (compact disc)

r-n131 tweek (12" vinyl maxi)

142-2 dazed + tweek bundle (2 x 12" vinyl)