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vladislav delay

Vladislav Delay, Uusitalo, Luomo, Conoco, Sistol. Under a raft of different names this Finnish artist (Sasu Ripatti *1976) has experimented with ambient, broken beat, glitch as well as grooves and house music with soulful vocals. His signature sound has been sough after by a wide range of artists from Massive Attack and Scissor Sisters to Black Dice, Craig Armstrong and Ryuichi Sakamoto. While his side-projects and remixes are there to flirt with more stable rhythms and dancefloor institutions, his main love as well as his background is in experimenting with different kind of sounds and rhythms; a quest to find some music not heard yet. The soundtrack of Vladislav Delay - which we are proud of offering it on Raster-Noton now.


image 1: vladislav delay

releases from vladislav delay

r-n141 espoo (12" vinyl maxi)

r-n144 kuopio (compact disc)

r-n136 vantaa (compact disc)