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AG Geige

AG Geige was one of the weirdest and most experimental musical projects of the former GDR. founded by four autodidacts, namely jan kummer (visual artist), ina kummer (designer), frank bretschneider (c...

image 1: AG Geige

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Aoki Takamasa

Born 1976 Osaka, presently resident in Osaka Japan. Since releasing his first album, “SILICOM”, AOKI has endeavored to maintain a firm grasp on his unique approach to making music. Based out of Eu...

image 1: Aoki  Takamasa

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Ben Frost


image 1: Ben Frost

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ivan pavlov aka COH was born in russia. he was trained as an acoustic engineer when serving in the russian navy. today he lives in sweden working as a freelance programmer. his cultural roots are in h...

image 1: COHimage 2: COHimage 3: COH

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Grischa Lichtenberger

Grischa Lichtenberger was born in Bielefeld 1983. In 2009 he released his debut EP ~treibgut ununbium on german label Raster-Noton. ~treibgut - a system of references to the river Rhein - operated as ...

image 1: Grischa  Lichtenbergerimage 2: Grischa  Lichtenberger

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NHK - kouhei matsunaga + toshio munehiro

kouhei matsunaga grew up in osaka, japan. he studied architectue and was listening to hardcore techno and rap music. he started to make music back in 1992 focusing on rather experimental music. kouhei...

image 1: NHK - kouhei matsunaga + toshio munehiro

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Taeji Sawai


image 1: Taeji Sawai

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aleph is a project by carsten nicolai aka alva noto / noto....

image 1: aleph

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alva noto

carsten nicolai a.k.a noto / alva noto / aleph Carsten Nicolai, born 1965 in Karl-Marx-Stadt, is part of an artist generation who works intensively in the transitional area between art and science. A...

image 1: alva notoimage 2: alva notoimage 3: alva notoimage 4: alva noto

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anbb: alva noto & blixa bargeld

being friends and admirers of each other’s work for a long time, electronic music composer / visual artist alva noto (carsten nicolai) and composer / voice-artist blixa bargeld (also known as singer...

image 1: anbb: alva noto & blixa bargeld

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anne-james chaton

Anne-James Chaton has developed a multipolar body of work, based on a close study of the textual materials which make up the everyday life of contemporary society. This “poor’ literature, known ...

image 1: anne-james chatonimage 2: anne-james chaton

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anne-james chaton with alva noto and andy moor

The collaboration of the poet Anne-James Chaton, guitarist Andy Moor and musician Alva Noto is a dense and structured sound design, in which words, rhythms, and melodic loops inexorably blend. Anne-Ja...

image 1: anne-james chaton with alva noto and andy moor

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atom TM

Since his early musical beginnings in 1985, Uwe Schmidt (Atom™), has earned global notoriety for his vast and variegated projects, number of releases, collaborations and musical styles. His catalogu...

image 1: atom TM

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olaf benders (aka byetone) experimental work with film material started during school time. the casual finding of a complete 16mm movie equipment gave the initiation. from this time on started an int...

image 1: benderimage 2: benderimage 3: bender

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blir are mark fell and mat steel. most people also know them under the name snd. like no other project before scape they stand for the propagandised clicks and cut sound. however as label mate terre t...

image 1: blirimage 2: blirimage 3: blir

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olaf benders (aka byetone) experimental work with film material started during school time. the casual finding of a complete 16mm movie equipment gave the initiation. from this time on started an int...

image 1: byetoneimage 2: byetone

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carl michael von hausswolff

born 1956 linköping (s) lives in stockholm (s) Solo Exhibitions 1995-2003 (selected) 2004 Chiangmai Contemporary Art Museum, Chiangmai (Thai) Brändström & Stene, Stockholm (S) Portikus, Frankfurt...

image 1: carl michael von hausswolff

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carsten nicolai

please see alva noto...

image 1: carsten nicolai

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cosey fanni tutti

Born in Hull, Cosey began her career in music and art during 1969, appearing in art performances and musical improvisations in Hull until 1972. In 1973, Cosey moved to London and continued working as...

image 1: cosey fanni tuttiimage 2: cosey fanni tutti

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cyclo is a project by leading electronic composers/artists from germany and japan, carsten nicolai and ryoji ikeda, concentrating on visualisation of sound, seeking a new hybrid of visual art and musi...

image 1: cyclo

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diamond version

diamond version is a collaborative project between two of the most groundbreaking, experimental and forward thinking creators in modern music, byetone and alva noto. as joint heads of the label raste...

image 1: diamond version

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dr walker


image 1: dr walker

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member of coil, uk...

image 1: elph

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Emptyset is a Bristol based production project formed in 2005 by James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas. Working across performance, installation and the moving image the project examines the physical propert...

image 1: emptyset

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frank bretschneider

frank bretschneider aka komet... born and raised up in East Germany... after childhood and school in Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz), graphic and painting studies... first electronic music experiments ...

image 1: frank bretschneiderimage 2: frank bretschneiderimage 3: frank bretschneiderimage 4: frank bretschneider

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goem is frans de waard...

image 1: goem

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herve boghossian

guitarist and electronic musician born in marseille (france) in 1973, lives there again today. H.B began to work solo late 2000 on guitar & computer. He released in sept 2001 a cd-r audio-video "i@s...

image 1: herve boghossian

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ilpo väisänen

ilpo väisänen is member of the finnish duo pansonic. he releases solo on raster-noton and on his own label kangaroo, a sub-label of raster-noton....

image 1: ilpo väisänen

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kangding ray

Kangding Ray is David Letellier. Born 1978 in France, lives and works in Berlin. Studied and graduated in architecture in Rennes and Berlin, works in different fields : music, architecture, performa...

image 1: kangding rayimage 2: kangding rayimage 3: kangding ray

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kim cascone

kim cascone has a long history involving electronic music: in 1973-76 he studied electronic music at the berklee college of music in boston massachusetts, 1983 he started an ambient industrial project...

image 1: kim cascone

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please see frank bretschneider ...

image 1: komet

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berlin duo kyborg are dirk mitlehner and andreas stobernak 1995 foundation of the live project kyborg 1996 first release on raster-noton vyr001 same (vinyl only) 1997 second release vyr009 swing (vin...

image 1: kyborg

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Kyoka works as a musician/composer in Berlin and Tokyo and is known for her chaotic and direct musical approach and a heavy-rough sound, resulting in a broken pop-beat with experimental yet danceable ...

image 1: kyoka

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marc behrens

marc behrens has been working on electro-acoustic music since the beginning of the nineties. numerous installations and music-releases [for example on/for: trente oiseaux, ash int., rlw, digital narci...

image 1: marc behrens

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mark fell

Fell was born in Rotherham in 1966. After leaving school in 1983 he studied Graphic Design and Philosophy at Rotherham College of Art and Technology before going on to Sheffield City Polytechnic where...

image 1: mark fell

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mika vainio

finnish mika vainio is member of pan sonic. under the name Ø he releases solo and in colaboration with noto on raster-noton label....

image 1: mika vainio

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mitchell akiyama

Montreal based composer/sound/video/visual artist Mitchell Akiyama has been watching the boundaries between the disciplines in which he works slowly erode. A graduate of an interdisciplinary arts prog...

image 1: mitchell akiyama

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Donnacha Costello lives and works in Dublin, Ireland and has had an interest in sound since he started playing piano and toy keyboards in 1981. He began composing in 1989 turning to electronic music p...

image 1: modul

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andreas tilliander aka mokira works as mastering engineer with several swedish music companies and runs his own studio. he cooperated with mikael stavöstrand (mitek, staalplaat,etc.) for few times bu...

image 1: mokira

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the young japanese artist nibo lives and works in tokyo/japan where he also has his own label “n160”.since 1997 he has been working on sound and visual projects where he puts special interest on s...

image 1: nibo

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please see alva noto ...

image 1: noto

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thomas knak aka opiate is one of the most acclaimed artists coming from denmark. in the early beginning of the 90ies he started as a dj, establishing himself as one of the first to bring ambient, elec...

image 1: opiate

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Being a former jazz saxophonist jon ekeskov aka pixel has a slightly different approach to electronica. Unconventional for modern electronic music, he studied at the conservatory with saxophone as h...

image 1: pixelimage 2: pixelimage 3: pixel

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pomassl is executor of the seminal »trail error« (1996) album, one of the first records to really explore very low and very high tones as well as pioneering potentials of digital errors in terms of ...

image 1: pomasslimage 2: pomassl

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produkt are tilo seidel, olaf bender, frank bretschneider and carsten nicolai....

image 1: produkt

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image 1: raster-noton

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richard chartier

Richard Chartier, sound/installation artist and graphic designer, has created critically acclaimed recordings for labels such as 12k/LINE (USA), Trente Oiseaux (Germany), Spekk (Japan), Mutek_rec (Can...

image 1: richard chartier

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robert lippok

biography 1966 born in berlin 1995 co-fonder of the music project to rococo rot exhibitions 2006 TANNOVER, together with Ronald Lippok, Installation at the HAU 1 Theater Berlin 2005  FOGGY BOXES, ...

image 1: robert lippok

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ryoji ikeda


image 1: ryoji ikeda

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ryuichi sakamoto

Award-winning composer and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto has made a career of crossing musical and technological boundaries. Sakamoto has experimented with, and excelled in, many different musical styles,...

image 1: ryuichi sakamoto

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scanner from uk contributed to 20' to 2000 series....

image 1: scanner

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jens massel aka senking was born in colgne in 1969 and lives there again today. 1995: starting with electronic music 1996: senking first released on cologne label karaoke kalk as kandis. at beginni...

image 1: senkingimage 2: senking

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signal are frank bretschneider, carsten nicolai and olaf bender....

image 1: signalimage 2: signalimage 3: signal

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image 1: sleeparchive

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snd are mark fell and mat steel. like no other project before scape they stand for the propagandised clicks and cut sound. however as label mate terre theamlitz points out, these "unwilling godmothers...

image 1: sndimage 2: sndimage 3: snd

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taylor deupree

taylor deupree has become one of the most important representatives of micro-structured rhythmics in the u.s. during the last years. amongst other releases on several labels he is mainly involved in h...

image 1: taylor deupree

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various artists


image 1: various artists

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vladislav delay

Vladislav Delay, Uusitalo, Luomo, Conoco, Sistol. Under a raft of different names this Finnish artist (Sasu Ripatti *1976) has experimented with ambient, broken beat, glitch as well as grooves and hou...

image 1: vladislav delay

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william basinski

William Basinski is a musician, composer, auteur who has worked in experimental media for over twenty years in NYC, expanding the boundaries of the aural landscape. A classically trained clarinetist, ...

image 1: william basinskiimage 2: william basinskiimage 3: william basinski

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wolfgang voigt

in the middle of the 1990’s, wolfgang voigt, better known under a great many pseudonyms such as mike ink, studio1 or grungerman, and the driving force behind the rise of cologne minimal techno, had ...

image 1: wolfgang voigtimage 2: wolfgang voigt

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Ø is mika vainio, member of pansonic....

image 1: Ø

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