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JUN 07 2008 | /:

live: byetone performing_d.o.a.t. and signal, performing_robotron @ territoriossevilla_festival, sevilla, spain

byetone_june, saturday 7, escenario CAAC, 00.30:

this is a personal project by Olaf Bender. following the artistic line of Raster Noton, Byetone explores the new more dynamic turn being taken by this german label. his latest EP “Plastic Star” shows off the best of Bender’s work, adding an industrial layer featuring “background electro” and synthesised guitars to the quality minimal techno we are used to from him, to create the sound of digital high society.

signal_june, saturday 7, escenario CAAC, 02.00:

this minimal german group consists of Frank Bretschneider, Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender, and is the visible face of Raster Noton, perhaps the best electronic label at the moment. their stage show explores the limits of digital creation using electronic minimalism, pulsating textures and audio-visual and geometric improvisations as tools. Signal are obsessed with conceptual and kinetic design, and the group distils the results of improvisation by three of the most important digital artists around. on stage their performance leads the audience towards a new horizon for electronic creativity, where equalisation, filtering and the digital treatment of noise are their main allies on stage. their influences range from early Kraftwerk to the science-fiction of the Strugatskii brothers. They will be presenting their latest work “Robotron” for the first time in Seville.