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FEB 06 2010 | /:

raster-noton.unun @ ctm 2010, wmf-club, berlin, germany.

WMF Floor 2 - in collaboration with Raster-Noton and transmediale

Atom TM (DE)
Aoki Takamasa (JP)
Senking (DE)
Grischa Lichtenberger (DE)
Ulf Eriksson (SE)

raster-noton . unun - in 2009 raster-noton embarked on a voyage into the outer reaches of the periodic table. nine vinyl-only ep´s will appear in the unun series, each of which takes it´s name from the vanishingly unstable elements which are conjured into being by cutting-edge laboratories around the world. these are certainly cutting-edge productions, made by artists new to the label.

grischa lichtenberger - polishs up a sound palette which comes from mundane domestic field recordings: the sound of a sliding tabletop, the drone of a broken electric motor. with them, he creates crisp, angular constructions which ring like tinnitus in the upper registers and twitch like parkinson´s in the bass.

aoki takamasa - strands tiny vocal fragments in undulating currents of liquid, elliptical funk.

atom tm - silver turned to gold, maximal replaced minimal, 4/4 became 5/4 while 3/4 remained 3/4, house became home, attack: decay became sustain without release, void turned horizon, tech? no!

senking - senking varies and experiments with a frightening diversity of sounds. he reveals the pieces as sound-collages, as quotes, which seem to refer to splatter movie and film noir. following the tremendous plot of his endtime-sujet, he persistently welds together sound spaces in order to compress them later into overwhelming drone-sounds.

ctm.10 - overlap - sound & other media

with the theme overlap – sound & other media, the festival continues the discussions begun during the highly praised jubilee edition in january 2009 regarding the situations, terms and future prospects of self-determined music creation and experimental audiovisual cultures. while the focus in 2009 was on the internal structures of independent music and media cultures, overlap will broaden the scope to interfaces between music and other creative and economic fields. ctm.10 takes a critical look at the opportunities and risks of developments where media and creative disciplines meld increasingly together, and where previously fixed roles are now in flux. the discussion on how mutations in music culture should be framed continues.



Grischa Lichtenberger

Aoki Takamasa

atom TM