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FEB 12 2010 | /:

mark fell (snd), performance // installation @ millenium galleries sheffield, uk, 12.02.2010.

In the Long Gallery, Mark Fell's intense synthetic work places the listener within a 'multi-spatial' soundfield saturated by digitally generated waveforms and synchronized LED light.

Curated and produced by snd for Lovebytes 010.

Mark Fell works with computational technologies, sound, light and interaction. He has performed and exhibited extensively at major international festivals and institutions including: Sonar (Barcelona), Mutek (Montreal), Siggraph (Los Angeles), The Powerhouse (Sydney), The Barbican (London) and has composed music for the National Ballet of Madrid.

In 2000 he was awarded an honorary mention at the prestigious ARS Electronica, and in 2004 was nominated for the Quartz award for research in digital music. He recently completed a major new commission for Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna (founded by Francesca von Habsburg) which premiered at youniverse, International Biennal of Contemporary Arts, Sevilla. Described as "One of digital music's leading innovators", his recent dvd was hailed as "a minor masterpiece", "a beautiful work - provocative in all its simplicity" and "a sample of serious borderline activity".

Fell has developed a strong curatorial practice with festivals including Lovebytes (Sheffield) and Sightsonic (York), and internationally. As a result, his curatorial work has formed a significant contribution to the development of digitally biased sound works within Europe. His work is currently available on Line records (NYC), Raster Noton (Chemnitz) and Alku (Barcelona) and published through Touchmusic (London).




mark fell