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FEB 22 - FEB 02 2008 | amsterdam/the netherlands: sonic acts XII_the cinematic experience

live: signal feat. alva noto, byetone and frank bretschneider, @ sonic acts XII.2008, paradiso, amsterdam, the netherlands

The twelfth edition of the Sonic Acts festival is devoted to The Cinematic Experience and incorporates an international conference, a wide range of concerts and performances, an exhibition and a diverse programme of films.

The central topic will be how the medium of cinema can be used as a means to make us conscious of our own physical experiences and realities. The programme focuses on the rich history of the cinematic experience, from magic lanterns, colour organs and zoetropes to experience machines and immersive environments.

Sonic Acts will also peer into the future. Will cinema distance itself from narrative in the near future? What is the prospect for celluloid? And what role will sensory deprivation play in future cinema?

Also central will be developments in music, visual and media arts in creating cinematic environments outside of cinema’s historic conventions.

Instead of looking at the medium as a means of conveying content or narrative, we will examine it as a physical and psychological audiovisual tool that makes us aware of our sensory system and investigate how we synthesise audiovisual stimuli into a comprehensive interpretation of our environment.