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FEB 03 2010 | berlin/germany: club transmediale festival 2010

ryoji ikeda [jp] test pattern [live set] @ ctm 2010, hkw, berlin, germany, 20:15pm.

'test pattern', the latest audiovisual work in the 'datamatics' series of Japan's leading electronic composer/artist, Ryoji Ikeda, presents intense flickering black and white imagery, which floats and convulses in darkness to a powerful, highly synchronised soundtrack. Through a real-time computer program, Ikeda converts the audio signals into tightly synchronised barcode patterns on screen. The velocity of the moving images is ultra-fast, some hundreds of frames per second, so that the work provides a performance test for the audio and visual devices, as well as a response test for the audience's perceptions.

the audiovisual performance of this program address the materiality of moving images. The title of the evening is a reference to William Gibson's book of the same name, which is an examination of the human desire to detect patterns or meaning in what might appear to be meaningless data. the performance is deep explorations of the forms which emerge when materials and data are analysed and made visible in unexpected ways. the evening can be seen as an extension of the themes explored in the transmediale.10 exhibition, 'future obscura', which presents artistic work that uses the materials, mechanisms and machines of image-making to illuminate and define our relationship with atemporality – the collision of past, present and future. at the same time the transdisciplinary and synaesthetic nature of the performance – combining sound, programming, computer graphics and film – refer to CTM.10's theme, 'Overlap'.

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ryoji ikeda