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FEB 02 2011 | berlin/germany: club transmediale

signal. live @ club transmediale cine chamber. hau 2. berlin. germany.

CTM is proud to present the Recombinant Media Lab's CineChamber at HAU 2. RML's european CineChamber is a sizable and intimate, immersive, self-contained space conceived as a mobile environment and incubator for inter- and pluramedia works that range from wrap-around synaesthetics to telegenic performance settings, from real-time installation interactions with live music to programmed exhibition screenings.

The 8x12 metre chamber is walled by 10 large-scale screens, features 8.8.2 multi- channel sound and a custom-applied kinetic floor vibration units.

This full AV CineChamber can be "played" or manipulated as an AV instrument and urges artists the opportunity to take their creative impulse to further ranges of aural, optical and cinematic expression. Numerous renowned artists have crossed paths with California editions of the CineChamber & its companion underground SF location at the Compound including Pansonic, Ryoji Ikeda, Matmos, Maryanne Amacher, Thomas Brinkmann, Pole, Kode 9, Chris Watson, and many more in the last decades.

CineChamber Live at CTM will feature new compositions and live performances by Signal (DE), Monolake Live (DE/NL), Deadbeat & Lillevan (CA/DE), Edwin van der Heide (NL), that have been commissioned for the occasion by a coalition of partners within the framework of the ECAS-Network's current project Festival as a Lab – namely: CTM, TodaysArt Festival, ORF-Musikprotokoll, Cimatics and CYNETART.

For the opening and closing of the CineChamber at CTM, the surround audio berlin premiere of Plaything designed, composed and mixed from the hand of late & great Maryanne Amacher (US) will be played, preceded by some words from RML's directors Naut Humon and Edwin van der Heide.