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JAN 08 2011 | berlin/germany: densehall #5

byetone + kangding ray. live @ densehall #5. chez jacki. berlin. germany. 11:00pm.

(...) And to make sure that 2011 starts with the blast it has ended, we are very proud to present the fifth installment of our DENSEHALL event series! And as always, we have a very fine and special treat for you: A night full of head-liners!

For that we invited no other than BYETONE and KANGDING RAY, some of our favourite RASTER-NOTON artists. It won't be news for you, that R-N is one of the most important labels in the world for contemporary electronic music, which has set standards and pushed boundaries when it comes to an uncompromising, aesthetical, musical and artistic language. Not only that it is one of our most favourite labels of all time, we also do count them as our personal friends. Olaf Bender (aka Byetone) is, besides Carsten Nicolai, R-Ns creative mastermind and a thrilling electronic musician, whose music is both intellectually challenging and impelling at the same time. Let us put it like this... The first time bass made us feel sick, just because of its pure kinetic force, was during a Byetone concert in 2009 at WMF. David Leteiller (aka Kanding Ray) is a fascinating artist, who exceeds in various fields and forms of media: From architecture to installations, from fragile, nearly aetheric compositions to raw, noise-driven rhythmical structures. He just released an new 12" with remixes by Alva Noto and Ben Frost, both artists who carefully pick additions to their remix portfolio.
They are being supported by LOOPS HAUNT, whom we have invited extra for this night from Scotland! His debut 12" left a lot of jaws wide open (and most shut yet) last year and we're sure, that his soon to be released debut album will leave a lot of musicians sobbing and crying! And this is not simply marketing speech, we're throwing at you: From being the first, to invite him to Germany in 2009, to being in the first row during his gig at Transmediale 2010, or even travelling to London to see him play with 65daysofstatic: In our opinion, Scott is one of the biggest talents UK has right now.
The night will be as always hosted and supported by DISSCOXX (Daniel) and JADE MONKEY (Michail). You'll find them behind the counter or during the night behind the decks!

If you liked what you have read, we would be glad to welcome you as our guests, next SATURDAY, 08.01.11, 11pm at Chez Jacki! And if you aren't convinced yet, maybe you read a bit more about the musicians below or listen to their music.

KANGDING RAY (Raster-Noton) [live]
BYETONE (Raster-Noton) [live]
LOOPS HAUNT (Black Acre, Fortified) [live]
DISSCOXX (Dense, Stillavailable) [dj]
JADE MONKEY (Dense, Contortion) [dj]