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JUL 23 2010 | bisaccia/italy: interferenze festival

byetone. live @ interferenze festival. castello ducale. bisaccia. italy.

Interferenze is a festival of art and new technologies that since 2003 has taken place in the Partenio area, rural site in the Campania region, South of Italy.

Interferenze analyses the ways in which technological and digital universes and its infrastructures agree and differ from the natural and the organic. Setting the path for a new fruition of art and nature Interferenze gives the chance to explore the two territories, allowing the embedment into the physicality of the woods and the local communities and into the virtuality of the electronic arts in one totalizing experience: breaking the boundaries between the urban, technological the inorganic and the rural, archaic and organic worlds.

Already a reference within the events devoted at the aesthetics of new technologies, Interferenze has hosted some of the most important artists, critics and researchers in the electronic arts field. It actively collaborates with cultural institutions for a transnational cooperation among organizers, artists and institutions on the international panorama.