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FEB 10 2008 | chemnitz/germany: klangwerk neue musik

live: COH aka ivan pavlov plays string quartet: andreas winkler, ruth petrovitsch, lolla petrovisch and markus altmann @ klangwerk neue musik, weltecho, chemnitz, germany

COH verwendet die klassischen Instrumente des Streichquartetts als Resonanzkörper von elektronischen Klängen, sie werden zu Klangräumen von artfremden Sounds – Sinustönen, Geräuschen, Beats - , die von den Musikern im Moment des Entstehens, des Klingens sozusagen in Echtzeit zerfasert, verzerrt, seziert werden. Es ist das Experiment der direkten Verbindung von Komponist, Instrument, Musiker.

Historically musicians always performed a composer's work, interpreting it with the use of their instruments - for example "Kronos Quartet plays ". Which means that performers read composer's notation and then interpret it using their instruments. That is to say, the conventional connection between all parts involved in the music is COMPOSER->PERFORMER->INSTRUMENT. The idea behind the COH PLAYS STRING QUARTET project is to change the classical scheme, almost reverse it.
It builds on the composer's direct connection to the instruments, which are used as the means of communication between composer and performer. The suggested connection is COMPOSER->INSTRUMENT->PERFORMER. This approach, which does not require musical notation and does not involve any rational communication between composer and performer is believed to leave much more freedom for the performer in interpreting the sound which already exists in the instrument and contributing to the composition. Sound is sent directly to the instruments by the composer, in real time - the music is created as it is being performed, equally by the composer and the performers.

Ivan pavlov aka COH was born in russia. he was trained as an acoustic engineer when serving in the russian navy. today he lives in sweden working as a freelance programmer. his cultural roots are in his country of birth feeling closer ties to russian avantgarde than to western music tradition. his early as well as current works were released on raster-noton. ivan pavlov runs his own label wavetrap. COH is one of the core members of raster-noton artist collective.