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NOV 07 2008 | copenhagen/denmark: wundergrund

frank bretschneider, ejnar kanding and ensemble contemporánea performing_auxiliary blue, the royal danish academy of music, studiescenen, 21.00pm, copenhagen, denmark.

Contemporánea has initiated a colaboration with the German electronica artist Frank Bretschneider, who is one of the vital players in the global electronic network and a keyfigure in the famous berlin collective Raster-Noton. Contemporánea and Bretschneider performs Auxiliary Blue, which is originally written by Frank Bretschneider as an audiovisual performance for the Dexia tower in Brussel. The Danish sound wizard Ejnar Kanding has composed a new version of Auxiliary Blue for tonights show.
Line-up: Helianne Blaise (violin), Kalina Goudeva (double-bass), Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen (bass clarinet), David Hildebrandt (perc.), Ejnar Kanding (composition, sound, electronics), Frank Bretschneider (electronics)

raster-noton lounge @ the royal danish academy of music, foyer, 7:00 - 11:00 pm

The German label Raster Noton presents music and visuals in the old Danish Radio House's foyer. Raster Noton has since the late 1990's been led the way for electronic music, playing in the field between pop and minimal music. Jacob Goetz is lounge-DJ.



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