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APR 03 2010 | geneva/switzerland: electron festival

raster-noton @ electron festival, geneva, switzerland feat.

alva noto_unitxt vs. derivative @ alhambra_22:30 // byetone @ zoo - usine_00:00

atom tm @ alhambra_21:30 // pixel @ alhambra_20:30

Contemporary artist Carsten Nicolai, alias Alva Noto (Raster-Norton Label) makes art and science meet via a visual-audio performance. An accomplice of Mika Vainio (Pan sonic) explores German experimental electronica, and minimal music. If you missed their concert at Sonar, rendez-vous at the Alhambra.

Olaf Bender aka Byetone was THE revelation of Sonar 2009, following logically the very positive reviews of the media when his album Death of a Typographer was released on Raster-Norton. His live performances combine dance floor power and minimalism, offering a fluid still massive techno, mastered with sobriety and serenity.

Atom™ collects genres, CDs, and aliases. Señor Coconut, that's him. His electro hybrid is internationally renowned. He allies with Florian Schneider (Kraftwerk) to make his first album with Raster-Norton. for the aficionados of German romanticism and Oskar Sala.

Dane Jon Ezeskov, a trained saxophonist, launched Pixel in 2001, an electronic music project in the vein of ambient-minimal-glitch with some unshakable grooves as his last album -out in 2009 on Raster Norton- testifies: The Drive is where the surgical precision of electronica beats mixes with the abyssal sensitivity of hazy guitar layers. In three words: talent, simplicity, serenity.



alva noto

atom TM