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NOV 03 2009 | johannesburg/south africa: goethe-institute

frank bretschneider, solo, performing_exp @ goethe-institute johannsburg, south africa, 19:30pm.

Hearing and sight merge to one sensual experience when movement, rhythm, tempo, mood, intensity and compositional structure are transformed into animations. With his project EXP, a music-visual work based on the idea that fine art should attain the abstract purity of music, Frank Bretschneider stimulates two of our natural senses at a time with the attempt to assimilate the qualities found in music within visual phenomena. The music has been composed of specifically generated and selected waveforms, feedbacks, impulses, clicks, the sound of mechanics, electricity, magnetism, light and other radiation. The animation is mainly driven by sound frequency and intensity, the sonic quality of these sounds makes it possible to obtain an optimal effect on the graphics´ motion. Thus the visualisation represents an exact reproduction of the audible occurrences. As a consequence the computed images often attain an unexpected beauty, from simple geometrical patterns to extraordinarily complex forms.
Frank Bretschneider works as a musician, composer and video artist in Berlin. His work is known for precise sound placement, complex interwoven rhythm structures and its minimal, flowing approach.



frank bretschneider