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MAY 07 - MAY 09 2009 | lisbon/portugal: OFFF

OFFF and the prestigious electronic music label Raster-Noton will join together for a very special version of Loopita (the experimental music area at OFFF). It will be a unique Raster-Noton event with almost their whole artists roster playing live in an exclusively customized venue for the occassion. Alva Noto, Byetone, Atom TM, COH, Frank Bretschneider, Kangding Ray, Nibo, Pixel, Pomassl, Senking, Signal, SND and more... BUT there is more: for such a special event OFFF and Raster-Noton will join forces to release an exclusive CD compilation with tracks from all the artists playing in Lisbon. You will get this compilation for free with the Early Priced Ticket for OFFF Lisbon'09, so go for it, this will be the only way to get this exclusive item:



frank bretschneider


alva noto


kangding ray