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MAY 30 2008 | london/uk: 12 years raster-noton

30.05. 2008 12 years raster-noton institute of contemporary arts_london

20 p.m.
on friday, 30th may 2008, raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton invites you to celebrate its 12th label anniversary at the institute of contemporary arts (ica), the mall, london. from 8 pm there will be extraordinary electronic music on stage.
the opener is kangding ray´s recent project "automne fold" followed by berlin based electronic pioneer frank bretschneider, along with new performances by byetone, alva noto and signal, who presented their latest release "robotron" at last years sónar festival as opener of the beasty boys.

23 p.m.
after show party at ica_bar with extraordinary dj_teams:

mark fell & mat steel (snd),
moscqutio_andrew cannon (berlin/london)
dj e_bay (london)

originally founded by olaf bender, frank bretschneider and carsten nicolai in 1996, raster-noton soon envolved to an internationally renowned and well accounted network of artistic positions in the fields of electronic music, minimal design, experiment and art. it is run today by olaf bender and carsten nicolai.

the raster-noton catalogue reads extremely exciting: additional to releases by its protagonists - carsten nicolai a.k.a. alva noto / olaf bender a.k.a. byetone / frank bretschneider a.k.a. komet and all of them together as signal - there are quite a few well-known artists such as mika vainio (pan sonic), ryuichi sakamoto, william basinski, ryoji ikeda (cyclo), ivan pavlov a.k.a. COH, carl michael von hausswolff, blir (snd) along with a younger generation of musicians such as kangding ray, senking and pixel. besides, the label has been well acclaimed for its artwork, its showcases and "temporary spaces", for which they also have received several awards.

12 years of raster-noton is presented by "the wire magazine" and "boomkat".

www.ica.org.uk www.thewire.co.uk www.boomkat.com


frank bretschneider

alva noto


kangding ray