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MAY 18 2010 | new york/united states: the kitchen

alva noto. unitxt. live @ the kitchen. new york. united states. 20:00pm.

The minimalist electronic musician alva noto will perform the recent audio-video work unitxt, which relies on mathematical processes to govern rhythm, utilizing machine noises — modems, telephones, and fax tones — for most of its array of clicks and blips. The title of this performance could be read as ‘unit extended’ (referring to a unit of a rhythmic grid) or ‘universal text’ (referring to a universal language, e.g. mathematic constants, measurements) and is represented in spoken word and by codes in sound itself. The visuals are based on the real-time manipulation / modulation of soft- and hardware-generated patterns by audio signals which are constantly changing without any recurrence.

Presented by The Pace Gallery



alva noto