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DEC 10 2010 | olomouc/czech republic: 9th festival of film animation

alva noto. unitxt. live @ 9th festival of film animation. kino metropol. olomouc. czech republic. 20:30pm.

This most popular current audiovisual artist is going to perform in the Czech Republic for the first time. Within the Unitxt project he works, for example, with the transfer of data from such Office programmes as Word and Excel into audio material. The audiovisual performance opens with the mechanically dehumanized voice of the French poet Anne-James Chaton, who reads out the contents of Carsten Nicolai, aka Alva Noto’s purse. The roughness of civilising data is rhythmised and kinetically visualised into a gradually developing story of discovering beauty in the sounds and images of the original information.



alva noto