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JUN 05 2010 | porto/portugal: casa de musica clubbing

anbb. alva noto & blixa bargeld. live @ casa de musica. clubbing. sala 2. porto. portugal. 22:30pm.

In 2007, Blixa Bargeld, known as the founder and vocalist of the renowned German band Einstürzende Neubauten and the guitarist for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, teamed up with the electronic music composer Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) to form the project anbb. With a concept based on improvisation and abstraction, Bargeld's impulsive performances provide a counterpoint to Alva Noto's elaborate soundscapes and structures, with unexpected and surprising results.

The Clubbing event in Sala 2 welcomes Portishead's mentor Geoff Barrow, who serves up his latest offering BEAK, with Billy Fuller (Fuzz Against Junk) and Matt Williams (Team Brick). Following Orquestra Fora de Horas with ONP, one of krautrock's most influential experimental bands - Cluster - takes to the stage in Sala Suggia. After an intermittent career spanning almost four decades this will be the band's first performance in Portugal, with guests Chrome Hoof.



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