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MAY 14 2011 | singapore/singapore: insitu. esplanade

kangding ray. live @ insitu. esplanade. recital studio. singapore. 19:30pm.

INSITU is a series of aesthetic travelogues of artists mapping poetic sites.

The project starts off by bringing multi-disciplinary artists to a place; they go away remembering it through mapping. The artists’ maps take the form of stories, visuals, objects and songs, culminating in a live performance, exhibition and book. INSITU edition two, of Fort Canning Hill, debuts in the Singapore Arts Festival with an exciting solo performance of song-maps by internationally acclaimed Kangding ray, accompanied by visual and textual maps from Taisuke Koyama, Boedi Widjaja and June Yap.
Kangding ray’s electronic music is ‘vehemently experimental work’ and at the same time ‘extremely accessible’; ‘clean and pristine, yet also very warm and organic’. He offers a fresh voice to possibilities interfacing acoustic instruments and electronics, and enjoys performing live, saying that it is “the main reason why I make music.” Kangding ray’s live performances are intense moments of musical experimentations where he mixes different layers of instruments, using analog synthesizers, drum pads or guitars.
INSITU Fort Canning Hill performance is also a visual experience, featuring for the first time in Singapore Taisuke Koyama, who has been described as one of 'Japan's foremost creative minds'. His abstract photographs are representative of the country's 'cutting-edge contemporary visual art' and have been presented in Paris and New York.
INSITU is produced by art practice Beautiful/Banal. Supported by National Heritage Board and hotel sponsor Wanderlust.

There will be a post-show dialogue and autograph session.



kangding ray