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SEP 17 2010 | taipei/taiwan: quanta tech art & performance festival

frank bretschneider. live @ quanta tech art & performance festival. taipei national university of the arts. taipei. taiwan.

Going into the era of “cloud” computing, Quanta Arts Foundation along with Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) are bringing together the most talented minds in the fields of technology development and technology-art creations to organize an unprecedented performing arts festival, “Transfuture.” “Transfuture” gathers the most prominent artists from around the world to create new forms of art that cannot be defined and that push the boundaries into new territory. It will redefine art festival venues, setting new benchmarks for art festivals and technology-art, while leading the world in art and technology integration to create a new “Transfuture.”

opening ceremony party:

With nationally renowned pioneer sound artist, Wang Fu Jui, as lead planner, in collaboration with the talents of international heavyweight sound artist, Frank Bretschneider, from Germany, TNUA’s Center for Art and Technology, and Live DJ Lin Chiang, this festival combines technology art performance, venue, and culture to create an unprecedented spectacle.



frank bretschneider