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DEC 17 2010 | the hague/the netherlands: diffraction group exhibition

kangding ray & pixel. live @ opening diffraction group exhibition. tag. the hague. the netherlands. 19:00pm.

Diffraction_The phenomenon of diffraction is richly significant in sound art, installation works and electronic music. Reducible to mathematical formulas, and yet unpredictable in its complexity, it embodies ideas of order, chaos and the tension between them. This exhibition brings together works from Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic), David Letellier (Kanding Ray) (both in collaboration with LAb[au]), and Jon Egeskov (Pixel), all known for their electronic music works on renowned German minimal electronic music imprint raster-noton, and a new development in Belgian art studio LAb[au]'s Particle Synthesis project. The works bring diffraction and its effects into focus revealing new perspectives on what is an often-overlooked geometric reality. These sharp and focused installations frame the beauty of our world through this phenomenon in startling and moving ways.


18.12.2010 – 16.01.2011
Wed – Sat 12h00 – 17h00


17.12.2010 19h00


17.12.2010 20h30 Jon Egeskov
21h30 Kangding Ray


Artists: Jon Egeskov, David Letellier, LAb[au], Mika Vainio
Curator: MediaRuimte
Support: Stichting Mondriaan, gemeente Den Haag OCW
Thanks: TAG, Todaysart, Janet Leyton-Grant




mika vainio

kangding ray