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SEP 26 - SEP 27 2008 | the hague/the netherlands: todaysart festival 2008

live: byetone, solo, performing_d.o.a.t. @ todaysart festival, 26.09.2008 nieuwe kerk, church hall, the hague, the netherlands, 23.00pm

byetone is the solo performance pseudonym of Olaf Bender (manager Raster-Noton). Bender creates his music digitally. He assembles sine tones to complex sound fabrics. Digital clicks and effect plug-ins are essential to create the rhythms. All this is brought in a timely relation and so a track is born - an artificial world without any physical effort. Computer music is often hard to perform in front of an audience. Although possibilities seem almost unlimited it is difficult to present this music in a concert setting without an immense deal of technology. Bender therefore uses visuals in the sense of animated light. Abstract animations support the abstract pieces of music - in this way the rhythm of music is transformed into a graphic equivalent. By using the computer bender controls the animations in realtime. In connection with sound effect processing this enables him to interact live on stage.

installation: white line lights @ todaysart festival, 26.09. to 27.09.2008, nieuwe kerk, basement

photo byetone at drake/toronto by andrea basic sounds