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SEP 29 2007 | toronto/canada: nuit blanche

exhibition: raster-noton will present white line light installation in toronto at nuit blanche festival on 29 september 2007

Supernatural City
Nuit Blanche enters into the time for sleep, the realm of dreams. It pushes past usual bedtimes, engaging imaginations, and exploring relationships with the city and fellow city dwellers during the course of one highly anticipated insomniac night.
Supernatural City invites us to cross thresholds, to explore the unseen, the unknown and to welcome that which is revealed to us in dreams, in altered states and in the exceptional moments that constitute an ordinary day.
Tonight the gigantic wheels of our imaginative lives grow and force upon each other a simultaneous beckoning to a dimension that is strikingly informed by inner knowledge and the confidence in an ability to fertilize adventures of self discovery, inquiries into our known world, a chronicle of fantastic events.

White Line Light
Artists Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender
The music of Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender explores the limitations of what we can see and hear and takes this as a point of departure. Electricity is used as a conduit to identify, define and lend shape to the invisible and inaudible phenomena found in our midst.
White Line Installation will present these ideas as live musical performance throughout the evening.