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NOV 08 2008 | turin/italy: club to club

byetone, solo, performing_d.o.a.t. and kangding ray, solo, performing_automne fold @ fondazione sandretto re rebaudengo, torino, italy.

Club To Club 08 will try suggesting some new and unusual trajectories while questioning the idea of contemporary, leaving room to extraordinary and amazing music and different yet converging artistic languages. New ideas and challenges will let the Festival's audience decide their favourite route inside this year's dense programme.

Club To Club will take place in Torino from 6th to 8th November 2008, and at the same time in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on Saturday 8th November.

Club To Club comes back in the very same days when Torino becomes the Italian capital of contemporary arts and design.
And, after Berlin and Barcelona, its section called Club Europa comes to Rotterdam in the first eco-sustainable club in the world (WATT).

These exlusive and special partnerships will be strengthened by the Festival's experimental attitude, as in the authentic classical/electronic crossover of YellowLounge (a project by Deutsche Grammophon), performing arts and experimental theatre interacting with music and electronic noise (international festival Drodesera and project Fies Factory One), visual arts and intensive experiences in sound architecture (IED Milano and Sound and Experience Design with B&C). Plus minimalism and cutting edge music, post rock and old school electronic music, dubstep and visionary techno house...

Artists, producers of sound and visuals, record labels and "families", teachers and pupils (and pupils influencing their teachers), far from obsolete genre definitions and constantly reinveinting their art, will fill the Festival's programme:

stars like James Holden and Four Tet, Ellen Allien and Sascha Funke of BPitch Control, living legends such as Moritz von Oswald (together with Vladislav Delay) and Theo Parrish, Tempa talents Benga and Skream, Plaid and Pivot from historical cult label Warp, Byetone and Kangding Ray from Raster Noton, Mr. Oizo and Munk, The Mole and 2000 And One, Watergate club, David Canisus, Francesca Grilli, Dafne Boggeri and Lorenzo Brusci, together with some promising "newcomers" in the PiemonteGroove community, and Turinese crews Xplosiva and Todo.




kangding ray