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APR 29 2008 | vilnius/lithuania: jauna muzika festival

live: frank bretschneider, solo, performing_rhythm @ jauna muzika - festival, vilnius, lithuania

jauna muzika - the biggest electronic and electroacoustic music festival in lithuania and baltic states - vilnius, lithuania.

since 1992 lithuanian composers' union organizes new music festival JAUNA MUZIKA. during 16 years this international event presented many programs regularly including leading lithuanian composers and performers as well as renowned international musicians, such as markus stockhausen, tomoko mukaiyama, ensemble singcircle, hilliard ensemble, ensemble intercontemporain, and many others.

from 2002 JAUNA MUZIKA pays very strong attention to the electronic and electroacoustic music, trying to present most successful achievements in this field. during the period of 2002-07, the festival programs included performances of electronic musicians - phill niblock, pita, pure, farmers manual, luc houtcamp, edwin van der heide, ake parmerud, petri kuljuntausta, the vegetable orchestra, alva noto, ryoji ikeda, merzbow, steim, fennesz and others.



frank bretschneider