raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : raster-noton. wroclaw/poland: avantart festival

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OCT 05 2012 | wroclaw/poland: avantart festival

r-n showcase: byetone. frank bretschneider. kangding ray @ avantart festival. wroclaw. poland.

The name Raster-Noton has a galvanizing influence on all the fans of non-trivial electronic music. Innovative, original, fresh, high quality – such are the epithets the artists, related to the label, are most frequently described with and the sole fact of releasing under its banner is a mark of great prestige.

It was founded by the initiative of three major names of the modern sound experiment – Olaf Bender, Carsten Nicolai and Frank Bretschneider – and became a platform of promoting all the phenomena, which exist on the fertile soil of overlapping planes of pop, art and science. Raster-Noton is not only music – it is a union, which also acts on the field of the art of installation or publishing related books and albums and all that connected by a common basis – it is intended to be an amalgamate of sound, art and design.

Over one hundred releases, which are seen as the strict leaders of this aesthetic, are on the labels account – in no way is it possible to mention them all, but a few names is enough to heighten the blood pressure of, not only those who put emphasis on the details of the compositions, the particularity of ways of using instruments or quality of sound, but also all who look for something more than just mere schematic pop battering on the dance floor.

So: Alva Noto, Frank Bretschneider, Ryoji Ikeda, Kangding Ray, Byetone, Senking, Mika Vainio, Robert Lippok, William Basinski or Carl Michael Von Hausswolff – to name just a few of them. Music from the Raster-Noton label is radical minimalism, glitch clicks and knocks, as well as style, elegance and a particular philosophy in approach to the matter of sound. German avant-garde has always had a powerful tradition – and Raster-Noton is its praiseworthy appearance adapted to the modern times.



frank bretschneider


kangding ray