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APR 06 2009 | + / - the infinite between 0 and 1_ryoji ikeda @ MOT

+ / - the infinite between 0 and 1_ryoji ikeda @ museum of contemporary art tokyo, april 2nd till june 21st 2009.

japanese artist ryoji ikeda creates at the extremes of sound, light and mathematics to produce complex transformative works of singular beauty. in paris last year he projected vast blinding white light up into the city´s night sky from sixty-four floodlights situated in front of tour montparnasse, france´s tallest skyscraper. spectra (paris) was a version of spectra (amsterdam), ikeda´s commission for DREAM AMSTERDAM which lit the city´s vondel park, van gogh museum, wastergasfabrick cultural space and java island.
in april ikeda presents ryoji ikeda + / - (the infinite between 0 and 1), first major retrospective at the museum of contemporary art tokyo. the exhibition includes new commissions, large-scale and audiovisual projections, sound works and sculptural pieces, evolving the synaesthetic effects of ikeda´s earlier works, fusing sound and image in intensely physical experiences.