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MAY 10 2010 | Carsten Nicolai: Moiré exhibition and book pre-sale

Carsten Nicolai: Moiré exhibition

Champion infographic nerd Carsten Nicolai dives into that place where patterns interfere with one another, or the moiré pattern, in his newest exhibition at New York's Pace Gallery. Moirés result when intricate patterns lay over each other, creating a cross-hatched plane that appears to ripple in waves. The works highlight the Berlin-based artist and DJ's continued exploration of patterns and grid systems, now featured in his new book Moiré Index, to be released internationally August 2010.
Opening reception, May 20th, 6-8pm; exhibition until June 25th, 2010. The Pace Gallery, 545 W. 25th Street, New York, NY.


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