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AUG 12 2009 | GAS live + special price for book

after performing his legendary GAS project live in the berlin volksbühne, the leipzig central theater, in new york and montreal, wolfgang voigt will present his project for the first time live in a cinema:

wolfgang voigt presents GAS LIVE

place: cinedom, im medienpark 1, cologne, germany
date: saturday, august 15th, 2009 (date has been changed)
festival: c/o pop
more information: www.c-o-pop.de

in order to get you the right visual aspects of the comprehensive GAS project we offer the GAS book for a special price:


format: catalogue + compact disc, 128 pages, colour, shrink-wrap
order#: r-n 102
special price: 27,50 euro

for the first time ever, this book WOLFGANG VOIGT - GAS presents the visual aspect of the comprehensive gas project. it is not meant to be a monolithic retrospective of his visual work, but it features a broad spectrum of photographic images taken between 1995 and 1998 showing many different moods and perspectives of wolfgang voigt’s cosmos. what they all have in common, however, is the mystical focus and seemingly, the blurring of boundaries between lightness and darkness, happiness and depression, kitsch and art, pixels and leaves. and the enclosed music cd, voigt has opened his treasure chest and presents some well-selected, rare jewels from the very early days (and nights). four of the five tracks have never been released or played before.

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