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JUN 04 2008 | alva noto. unitxt - out today!

alva noto’s new album - unitxt - is available as cd and double vinyl from today. sd card will come soon:

after finishing the transall cycle and introducing the series of xerrox, alva noto makes a move back to his more rhythmic approach in unitxt. it could be seen as a kind of continuation to the transspray ep from 2004.

a preview of unitxt concept was already released as a remix track for the björk cd-s release innocence produced by björk/timbaland, from her latest album volta (2007). unitxt was recorded during raster-noton japan tours 2006 and 2007. it was reviewed and edited in berlin early 2008.

the title unitxt could be read as

- unit extended referring to a unit of a rhythmic grid

- or universal text referring to a universal language, e.g. mathematics: units, constants, measurements, prefix-, SI system of units

and is represented in spoken word and by codes in sound itself.

unit—the initial working title of the album—is the name of club unit in tokyo. the way of composing the tracks in the grid of 120 pbm and out of different rhythmic units or modules recombined, as well as to express the text component of the recordings that developed in collaboration with the french sound poet anne-james chaton, changed the original title to unitxt.

anne-james chaton delivers the text / voice for the tracks u_07 and u_08-1.

track u_07 is based on the text work 'the artist who does sound', a portrait of carsten nicolai, where the text was generated from a simple instruction: just to copyread all notes, credit cards, invoices, business cards, etc. out of nicolai's wallet.

for track u_8-1 anne-james chaton used numbers of the golden cut, quoting a simple but endless row of numbers from this mathematical concept.

after the first ten tracks that can be regarded as the core recordings of unitxt, there are 15 more tracks generated from converting pure data of programs, jpgs or other digital files into sound material. these tracks could be considered as source code 'solos' to be played on top of the first ten tracks or to be regarded as sonified concept recordings.

unitxt will be performed on tours in north america (may 2008), in south america (october 2008), and japan (november 2008) as well as on selected festivals and venues throughout europe in 2008.

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