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OCT 07 2009 | frank bretschneider @ decibel festival 09_reviewed in xlr8r

frank bretschneider @ decibel festival 09_reviewed in xlr8r, 07.10.2009.

Frank Bretschneider's set that followed was a stunning contrast of hi-resolution audio-responsive digital geometry that leapt from the screen in precise time with his hyper-dynamic musique concrete textures, rhythm patterns, and silence used to employ the starkest of musical punctuation. This almost shocking visceral immersion from Bretschneider was followed by Christopher Willits putting in a significantly more restrained set than fans of his 2008 Ghostly international release might have expected. Reduced to just a pallette of tones, snippets of melody, and minute rhythmic pitter-patters sourced from guitar, his take on the night's theme of immersion was matched with a visual element: consciousness moving through nature, whether under California's redwoods, out on the open sea, or following trails of green pushing up through the urban scape.


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