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OCT 01 2009 | frank bretschneider @ decibel festival 09_seattle on youtube.com

frank bretschneider @ decibel festival 09_seattle on youtube.com

At SAM, Raster-Noton OG (Original Glitchster) Frank Bretschneider unfurled an audio/visual performance that was black & white scientific psychedelia at its most rigorous. Sound and images worked in ruptured harmony, as FB generated a geometric jitterbug out of white specks (they could be salt, coke, constellations, TV snow, dandruff) on a black backdrop. They dispersed, coagulated, spiraled in disciplined yet unpredictable patterns as FB let loose the termites in the motherboard. Intense hospital-equipment buzzes and thrums abutted against granulated jackhammer emissions; funky Morse code pitter-patter merged into malfunctioning fax machine grind. High and low frequencies engaged in a wickedly precise dance, with FB orchestrating abrupt shifts, jagged segues, shocking transitions, and dramatic silences and dropouts. All of which convinced me that Bretschneider materialized on Earth from a future advanced civilization to dispense his beneficent art on us unworthy mortals. Wild applause followed his set. As one friend put it afterward, “Frank won Decibel.” Word.

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