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MAY 05 2014 | kyoka | is (Superpowered) | out now.

available from today: kyoka »is (is superpowered)«

kyoka, the first female artist that releases solo on raster-noton, presents her first full length album »is (is superpowered)«. the release will be available in two different formats:

first as cd only, whereas the purchase includes a free downlaod of a bonus track that until now was solely released in japan.

second, as limited vinyl edition consisting of a 180gr heavy vinyl, (the cd), free download of all the tracks of the cd* plus japan bonus track.

the vinyl (and cd) will be packaged in a special handmade cardboard slipcase with a silkscreen printed kyoka logo that was exclusively designed by hamburg illustrator alex solman (known for his great illustrations for hamburg's golden pudel club).

* please note that in order to maintain the high quality of the material, two tracks from the cd needed to be excluded from the vinyl edition.

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