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APR 13 2010 | mark fell and mat steel [snd] . isomorphism and totality.

isomorphism and totality . showroom cinema, sheffield, 26th april 2010. as part of sensoria 2010.

a programme of computer-generated, screen-based artworks exploring the relationships between sound, image and extreme temporality.

three artists working with computational processes present a programme of works exploring exceptionally close correlations between digital sound synthesis, colour, geometry and time. the works performed and presented here demonstrate a preoccupation with the interplay of hypostasis and instability, intentionality and uncertainty, experience and understanding, played out within an extreme temporal field. the event includes rare high-definition (2048x1080) and 8.2 surround sound versions of the works; and a talk by the eminent computer artist and theorist ernest edmonds - one of the first artists to explore the unique opportunities made possible with computer systems in contemporary art.


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