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NOV 01 2010 | mark fell explores multistability. residentadvisor.net

mark fell explores multistability. the SND member has a new album in the works for raster-noton.

UK-based artist Mark Fell will release his next solo album, Multistability, this noveber through German experimental imprint Raster-Noton.

Fell is best known for his work with SND, the glitchy electronic project he shares fellow Sheffield native Mat Steel. Since the late '90s, Fell and Steel put out more than a dozen records together, some through their own self-titled platform and others through esteemed avant-garde labels Raster Noton and Mille Plateaux. As a solo artist, Fell has released one other album so far: 2004's Ten Types of Elsewhere, a record inspired by the subject of topology, which the liner notes defined as "a branch of mathematics concerning possible spaces and spatial objects - curves, surfaces, knots, manifolds, phase spaces, symmetrical groups, etc."

Multistability chooses a theme that, though equally academic, is at least a little more trippy. In its most basic sense, the title refers to forms that contain two separate images at once, which the viewer can alternate between at will (this sort of thing). A press release explains that Fell's new album is "split into two halves" and "contains two versions of itself," with recurring passages and "pattern-generating systems" somehow creating a multistable effect.

01. Multistability 1-A
02. Multistability 2-A
03. Multistability 3
04. Multistability 5-A
05. Multistability 6-A
06. Multistability 7-A
07. Multistability 2-AA
08. Multistability 10-A / Multistability 11
09. Multistability 1-B
10. Multistability 2-B
11. Multistability 4
12. Multistability 5-B
13. Multistability 6-B
14. Multistability 7-B
15. Multistability 9
16. Multistability 10-B
17. Multistability 12

raster-noton will release multistability on november 29th, 2010.


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