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AUG 18 2010 | matter-space-motion. an exhibition of two new sound installations by mark fell @ hive gallery. uk.

matter-space-motion. an exhibition of two new sound installations by mark fell featuring image analysis and stroboscopic light. 7 August - 19 September. hive gallery. barnsley. uk.

Mark Fell (born Brinsworth, South Yorkshire 1966) is a local artist whose practice brings together interests in computational technologies, non-musical sound synthesis, oppositional aesthetics, and irregular encounters with time and space.

His works have been exhibited at an array of major international institutions - Sonar Festival of advanced music and multimedia (Barcelona), Siggraph (Los Angeles), The Powerhouse (Sydney), The Barbican (London), and Hong Kong National Film to name a few. As a musician Fell has performed at The Berghain super club (Berlin) and Liquid Room (Tokyo) and produced music for The National Ballet of Madrid.

Recently he completed a major new commission for Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna (founded by Francesca von Habsburg) with a premier at ‘Youniverse, International Biennal of Contemporary Arts, Sevilla’. Described as “One of digital music's leading innovators”, his recent DVD was hailed as “a minor masterpiece”, “a beautiful work - provocative in all its simplicity” and “a sample of serious borderline activity”.

The works presented at HIVE Gallery demonstrate Fell’s interest in philosophical and mathematical descriptions of time – particularly Edmund Husserl’s ‘Phenomenology of Internal Time Consciousness’ and Martin Heidegger’s ‘Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics, World, Finitude, Solitude’ and the Slovakian Mathematician Metod Saniga’s current work in the psychopathological fabric of time and space.

In particle physics, supersymmetry is a symmetry that relates elementary particles of one spin to other particles that differ by half a unit of spin. In this piece Fell works with an optical flow image analysis algorithm to track the movements of a ping pong ball, that is floating on a column of air. The displacement of the ball in space is translated to fluctuations in a multi-channel sound synthesis algorithm where each component responds to the movement in related yet distinct manners. When heard as a whole the piece appears to produce a broad-spectrum noise, yet when each component is listened to in isolation different tonalities are perceived.


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