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NOV 19 2008 | new release: NHK - out now!

unununium (r-n 111) is the first release of the new raster-noton unun series. the name of the series derives from the greek atomic numbers of the chemical elements 111–119 in the periodic table. the series will contain the following nine releases:

unununium r-n 111
ununbium r-n 112
ununtrium r-n 113
ununquadium r-n 114
ununpentiumr r-n 115
ununhexiumr r-n 116
ununseptium r-n 117
ununoctium r-n 118
ununennium r-n 119

NHK is a collaboration of kouhei matsunaga and toshio munehiro who have been working together since 2006 when they both lived in osaka. kouhei started making music back in 1992 focusing on rather experimental compositions. he has been working with various artists such as merzbow, asmus tietchens, sean booth (autechre) and pan sonic’s mika vainio. on NHK EP kouhei and toshio are turning towards rough digital techno.

NHK will be available as 12” vinyl and digital download.

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