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OCT 23 2012 | new video by emptyset_collapse.

The video for 'Collapse' looks to match the sequence of processes and distortions within the audio, by affecting footage and animation through a series of analogue junctions. As a means of synchronising sound and image an electromagnetic coil was used, which when triggered by the audio outputted from a power amp created corresponding visual distortions. This resulted in the audio directly driving and shaping the signal itself. A cube was used as a structure that could be collapsed throughout the video, shifting from solidity to a series of disparate distorted planes, still locked to the sound but no longer contained in their original state. This work is currently being developed for a live context, expanding on the perfomative possibilities of signal processing, distortion and transmission. 'Collapse' forms part of emptyset's 'Collapsed' ep on Raster Noton.

Video by Clayton Welham and Sam Williams


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