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MAR 16 2009 | out now: pixel. the drive (r-n106)

a new album is available on raster-noton:


pixel’s third album `the drive` is meant to be the soundtrack to his imaginary journey by car across the U.S.A., a road movie encoded in the track list. with warm and deep guitar amplifier hiss and feedback in connection with floating rhythms he creates very organic sound patterns. the music might evoke images of deserts, chemical warfare plants, rugged landscapes, rocket takeoffs and hectic suburban night life. but there is an additional level of meaning. pixel invites the listener to discover his mise en abîme - the image behind the image. suggestion and impression interact and develop an astonishing force to attract the listener. the interplay of these two contrary elements allows unusual ways of traveling. ‘the drive’ is the perfect soundtrack for this journey.

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